Siddikjon Gafurov

I am Siddikjon Gafurov a third-year student of World Economy and International Economic Relations major. I always try to do my best to achieve my goals and I would like to do something uncommon among my peers.

Since my childhood I have had a strong desire to travel abroad or study in other counties and this led me to explore Germany and France last year in summer. During my trip I traveled around 30 different places and learnt the culture and living standards of Germany. I felt the real atmosphere of Europe while I was living and working in Germany. Then, I wanted to study in other countries and my desires pushed me to apply for an exchange programs.

There is an agreement between Tashkent State University of Economics and Universiti Malaya which ranks 65th in the world and I was really luck that I was able to study at Universiti Malaya during the first semester of 2022-2023. I can easily that studying abroad is really amazing and unforgettable. In addition, I made a lot of research about Korean chaebols and even wrote my first research paper about South-east Asian countries at Universiti Malaya. Now I have many friends from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Japan and South Korea and I have been keeping in touch with them on social media cause as someone said:” Your network is your net-worth”.

This year, I have been awarded with the National Scholarship Programme of Slovak Republic and I will continue my study at Comenius University during the upcoming semester. I am really glad that now I have an opportunity to explore Slovakia.

When I was preparing my documents, the representatives of Corporate Governance faculty assisted a lot and gave their advice, so I want to thank all of them and my parents because they always support me.