Choosing right place to study does mean choosing us!

Choosing right place to study does mean choosing us!

Dinislam Meylibekov, one of the honorable students of the Faculty of Corporate Management, majoring in World Economy and International Economic Relations.

Since studying at the Academic Lyceum of Diplomacy, he has been interested in mathematics and law. “My interest in economics turned into an obsession when my Mom suggested that I could become an economist” he says. “That’s how I started my journey into the dark forest called Career”.


After the entrance exams, Dinislam was the very first student who actively supported and helped the staff of his dean’s office a week before the beginning of his studies. “Wow, there are so many of my competitors here. It will be very interesting” he muttered, having finished checking the database of students in his course. And since then, almost the entire faculty has known him. The first semester has begun, and he has already become a member of the youth union “Leader Student” and for several months has been developing his teamwork skills by participating in many conferences as a member of the organizational team. In addition to activities in his faculty, he managed to participate in events of other faculties and volunteer for the Goethe Institute and the German Embassy in Tashkent.


At the end of the first year, he participated in the first stage of the International Olympiad on Financial Security and reached the Republican stage. “Well, I lost for the first and last time, but I will come back and take first place” saying so, he fulfilled his promise and won at the Republican stage next year. Since then, his favorite quote has been “I don’t apologize for winning”.


“My great achievement is that I believe I have decided on my profession and I believe that it is the responsibility of every student to choose a future version of himself” he says – “Thanks to the knowledge and advice of my mentors from my faculty, I am immensely glad that my time spent at this university justifies itself because I am still I have not completed my studies, but the doors to various state structures, law enforcement agencies and state security services are already open”.

The second half of the third academic year was unusual for all of us. For the first time, we conducted an academic mobility program for one semester between Tashkent State University of Economics and the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, in which Dinislam defended the honor of our faculty and proved that our students are as competent as UWED students in theory and practice by participating in this program. “You know, it seemed to me that studying at TSUE is much more difficult than there” he commented on his return.


Despite the summer holidays, Dinislam wins the same Olympiad for the second time and is preparing for the final stage, in which he will compete with the BRICS and CIS countries. At the same time, he became the holder of the scholarship of NSP of the Slovak Republic 2023. “Now I am qualifying at the Academy of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan and getting prepared for the upcoming Olympiad” he says, “Now it’s time to defend the honor of our Motherland”.