I really liked the atmosphere and the challenges, and the beautiful winning

Born and raised in Bekobod, Uzbekistan, Oybek ’21 (Banking and Auditing) was smart and ambitious as his parents took him to many competitions and Science Olympiads at a young age. “I really liked the atmosphere and the challenges, and the beautiful winning,” he says.

When it came time to decide where he wanted to study, he knew that Tashkent State University of Economics was the best choice for him and his career path in Banking and Auditing. “I researched all the business schools and universities in Uzbekistan to make sure I chose the best one, and it was definitely Tashkent State University of Economics,” says Oybek.

As a student of the gifted generation, Oybek faced many challenges during his time at this University and felt that he had to face them alone. “I always felt like I never fit in and doubted my abilities,” he says. “I felt like a fraud.”

After joining several clubs at the University of Economics, including YU (Youth Union) and Gifted Students clubs, Oybek began to feel more at home. “I was surrounded by like-minded people who had similar goals and went through the same struggles as me,” he says. “It helped me understand that we are all unique and we shouldn’t hide it from others.

In December 2021, Oybek took the proud 3rd place in the “Student of the Year” competition held at the University, and this achievement motivated him to further achievements. Also, in November 2022, Oybek became the owner of the Navoi State Scholarship. This is an achievement that few students in the University can achieve. This scholarship will serve for Oybek to obtain Master’s and PhD degrees in the future.

According to Oybek, his time at Tashkent State University of Economics prepared him for his future in several ways, from improving his public speaking skills to giving him the confidence to express himself and go beyond his comfort zone.

Looking ahead, Oybek will begin the Master of Banking and Auditing program at Tashkent State University of Economics in the fall of 2024 as one of ten students selected for the Distinguished State Scholarship Program. “I am very honored to have been chosen to represent the inaugural class of this scholarship,” he says. “With the help of this scholarship, I can continue my education in banking and auditing.