Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission

Our mission is to foster innovation in our academic areas and furthering knowledge. We are dedicated to give our students a life-changing educational experience that will enable them to lead and be successful in their chosen professions. By encouraging civic responsibility, ethical conduct, and social participation, we want to be a catalyst for positive change in society.

Our vision

Our vision is to make the Faculty of Corporate Governance a recognized leader in management, banking, international economics relations education, known for the thoughtful blending of academic and practical abilities it instills in its students. We work to create a culture that values social responsibility as a core value and encourages creative thinking and moral leadership. In the future, we see our cutting-edge research informing both our curriculum and teaching strategies, ensuring that our students remain competitive in a world economy that is rapidly changing. Our ultimate objective is to develop our graduates into effective managers and leaders who promote change and sustain economic development in their organizations and communities.

Our values

Our faculty builds the culture of its work environment based on the following values:


faculty members’ commitment to their academic specialties, students, and the organization they work for inspires them to strive for academic greatness and makes a positive contribution to the community’s growth and development.


the faculty’s readiness to collaborate and work well in teams with their peers, students, and stakeholders to accomplish shared goals and objectives, build a welcoming atmosphere, and advance a culture of respect and understanding.

Social engagement and networking

through networking, partnerships, and community service initiatives that improve their students’ learning experiences and encourage social responsibility and ethical behavior, the faculty participates actively in the community and contributes to the social, economic, and cultural development of society.


the capacity of professors to think innovatively and unconventionally, to create novel and cutting-edge theories, technologies, and methods that advance academic and societal advancement and open up fresh prospects for development and achievement.

Research excellence

the faculty’s dedication to carrying out excellent research that advances knowledge, offers solutions to contemporary issues, and builds their institution’s status as a premier academic one.

Conscious citizenship

faculty’s dedication to ethical behavior, social justice, and sustainability through their teaching, research, and service activities as well as by setting an excellent example for their students and colleagues. Faculty’s feeling of responsibility and accountability as members of their community.