Graduate Admissions

Graduate admissions

The applications for graduate programs are submitted via the online application system of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan – on an annual basis from July 1 to July 30 (including July 30).

Admission decision for graduate porgrams are of state higher education institutions is made based on the average score (GPA) of the applicant’s bachelor’s degree and the score of the relevant national or international certificate on the level of knowledge of a foreign language (IELTS,TOEFL,CEFR). No additional examination is required .

Admission decisions in state higher education institutions is made in August in accordance with the parameters of admission based on the state grant and contract (payment based), approved for the next academic year approved by the Supervisory Boards of Higher Education Institutions granted financial independence.

Audit (by sectors and specialties)

Banking and audit

Business administration

Business analysis

Customs work (by types of activity)

Accounting (by sectors and specialties)

Budget accounting and control

Public finance and international finance

World economy (by regions and types of activity)

Pilgrimage tourism

Economics (by sectors and specialties)

Information technology and systems in Economics

Theory of Economics

Economic security

Investment management (by sectors and specialties)

Human resources management

Corporate governance

Corporate finance and securities market (by sectors)



Marketing (by sectors and specialties)

Management (by sectors and specialties)

Hotel business management and organization

Regional economics

Development of antimonopoly management and competition

Theory and methodology of professional education

Trade (by types)

Tax and taxation

Statistics (by sectors and specialties)


External economic activity (by sectors and types of activity)

Tourism (by types of activity)


Management (educational management)

Public finance control and audit

Public purchases

Mathematic methods in Economics