Senior lecturer
Senior lecturer of the Department of Management


In 1996 she graduated from the Tashkent State Economic University with a degree in organization and management of the economics of production.
1997-2001 she studied at the postgraduate course at the Tashkent State Economic University.
From 2007 to 2023 she has been working at the Department of Management of the Tashkent State University of Economics.
2021 is conducting research work.
08.00.10. Demography. Labor Economics. On the topic: Improving the human resource management system in enterprises.
And also for the years of work at the department “Management” conducts lectures and semanar classes on the subjects “Management”, “PR management”, “Technology of the food industry”, “Technology of industry”, “Production management”.
G.Sh. Juraeva is the author of textbooks in the subjects: “Food Industry Technology” (2019) and “Production Management” (2023)


  • Tashkent State University of Economics | Bachelor-Master Organization and management of the economy of production | May 1996


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  • 1991- 1996, he studied at the Tashkent State Economic University, specializing in the organization and management of economic production.
  • 1996- 1997, economist at the trading house "IMKON".
  • 1997 -2001, independent candidate at the Department of Management at the Tashkent State Economic University.
  • 2001- 2007, assistant at the Management Department at the Tashkent State Economic University.
  • 2007- 2020, senior lecturer at the Department of Management at the Tashkent State Economic University.
  • 2020-2021, office manager at OOO "FIRECAP LEADER".
  • 2021 the manager of Construction Technologies LLC.
  • 2021-2022, senior lecturer at the department of "Management and Marketing" at the Tashkent State Economic University.
  • 2022- c.t senior lecturer at the Department of Management at the Tashkent State Economic University.